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Monday, September 3, 2012

Brag A Little

Just a quick update

  • consistently spells her first and last name correctly.
  • can identify her first name in print.
  • can identify all the letters of the alphabet (even in a random order)
  • counts everything and can count to 29 (when she gets to 29, she says 29....20! She doesn't believe me that the next number is 30)
  • knows her birthday.
  • is obsessed with birthdays and always wants to know whose birthday is next.
  • will take her clothes to the laundry room.
  • will clean up her toys, but needs a lot of encouragement.
  • is always up by 6:30AM.
  • goes to bed between 7:00 - 8:00PM.
  • likes to look at books and understands that the letters on the pages make up words. (When I ask Sadie to read to me she says, "But I don't know the words!"
  • likes to help with laundry. (Sadie helps sort laundry, load the washing machine, and pushes the buttons on the washing machine.)
  • loves the Chipmunks and sings Vacation (all the time)
  • is a mover and a shaker.
  • can put her shoes on the correct feet.
  • likes to pick out her own clothes in the morning.
  • will not jump in the pool at swimming lessons or at her Grandparents' house.
  • loves to snuggle.
  • enjoys eating popcorn and watching movies. (At home or at a theater)
When I was looking at pictures today while working on her Shutterfly album, I was so surprised at how grown up she looks now versus last year. It is amazing the change in one short year.

Sadie will soon be a big sister and I think she will be fabulous! Her brother is one lucky baby to have her as a sister!

Picture from July 2012 - Lola the dog and Sadie

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