photo by Smilin' Down Photography

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sadie’s First Christmas

Sadie did not sleep well on Christmas Eve. It was either her teeth or the onion dip her Grandma gave her at Karen and Ed’s Christmas Eve Party. J She was up at 5:30 AM, after going to bed around 9PM. She had a bottle and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When Keith woke up we all went out to see what Santa brought Sadie for Christmas.

Sadie crawled out to her gifts and went straight to My Pal Scout. (He’s a green dog that can say her name!) She played with him for awhile and then noticed her house. She went right through the front door and touched the knobs, buttons, and all the fun stuff. She loved the music and sounds the house made.

Then she noticed the Leapfrog Music Table from her Aunt Jean, Uncle Bobby, and Cousin Avery. She continued to play while Keith and I opened our gifts.

At one point, Sadie decided she wanted to check out the hallway. So off she went. Keith tracked her down and she opened a few gifts with help from Mom of course. She was not as into the wrapping paper as I thought she would be. After her first trip down the hall, she decided that was fun, so whenever Keith would open a gift she would take off. It was fun!

Soon it was time for Sadie to eat, Keith got ready while I fed Sadie and then we loaded up the car to go to my parents’ house. At her Grandparents’ house she actually opened one gift. She ripped the paper and really got into it.

Then it was time for a nap. She wasn’t too happy about it, but she needed it!

She woke up just in time for dessert! She had a carrot cake cupcake and LOVED it! Aunt Carol makes the best carrot cake and this year she made cupcakes with EXTRA frosting. YUMMY!!!

She spent the rest of the day playing and practicing walking. She enjoyed spending the day with family. We left my parents’ house at 5PM. Once we were at home she ate, took a bath, and was asleep by 6PM. What a lovely day!

Sadie did not finish opening all of her gifts until New Years Day talk about stretching out a holiday!!! J