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Monday, April 16, 2012


So for the past week, Sadie has been sleeping on the floor. She refuses to sleep in her bed. At first we put her in her bed and we would find her on the floor later in the evening. Then we just gave in and let her sleep on the floor. We asked her why she wouldn't sleep in her bed and she said she was scared of the two witches. Well today K and I both had an idea - he decided we should scare the witches away and I decided we should move her bed. So we did both...she enjoyed scaring the witches away with us and K even had her check to make sure they were gone. Then we moved her bed and she was happy as a clam! I'll update you later - we will see if she makes it through the night in bed.

Music Class

Sadie and I have been attending a music class at a nearby school on Saturday mornings. Halfway through the first class Sadie wanted to leave. I spent that first class wrangling her and keeping her from playing all the instruments that she was not supposed to touch. I was exhausted and thinking to myself- what did I get myself into!? As the weeks went on, she began to listen and engage with the activities. I was no longer wrangling her, but we were enjoying the class together.

We signed up for another session of the class and I am amazed at her growth. She remembers the songs and her teachers name. She looks forward to music class each week. What I love the most is to hear her sing the songs at home, in the car, and while out and about. There is something really special about a little girl singing. Her voice is just so sweet.

This weekend while we were leaving Costco, she was singing and this lady in front of us turned around and told Sadie, "What a beautiful singing voice you have." What a nice compliment, of course I was as proud as can be.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


WOW! What a fun day we had.
The day started by finding the Easter basket that the Easter Bunny hid somewhere in the house.
Sadie was quick to find it. I have to remember that she is growing up and is actually a very good dectective. Next year the Easter Bunny will have to do a better job hiding the basket...well and the eggs too!

 Found the Easter basket in the toy room. She picked out her own PJs.

 A Veggie Greenhouse.
She's been looking at the seeds everyday to see if the tomatoes have started to grow.

 Easter morning bike ride with Grandpa and Grandma.

 Egg hunt!

Holidays are so fun. Sadie really gets into all the festivities.

February Picture

OK - Bad Mom.
One picture taken in February, no pictures taken in March.

Must do better!

Happy 3rd Birthday Sadie

We celebrated Sadie's 3rd birthday on January 29th this year. We were so blessed to have our friends and family join us to celebrate.

I did not do a good job taking pictures of all the decorations- but the house was all DORA!!
Sadie loved it.

 Ashley and Sadie ready to open gifts.

 Having fun outside.The weather was beautiful!

 3 candles. I just can't believe she is three.

 Thanks Carrie and Julia. This gift was a hit!

 Aunt Karen and Sadie

 Carrie, Julia, and Sadie

 Grandpa, Grandma, me, and Sadie

 Uncle David and Aunt Carol

 Uncle Bobby and Sadie
 Some of the baloons

A Few Photos from Grandma and Grandpa's Camera