photo by Smilin' Down Photography

Monday, December 14, 2009

And She's Off

And She’s Off. The last two weeks Sadie has been taking two steps and then falling down. She would do this here and there with no intention behind it. However on Sunday she started to be much more aware of what she was doing. She was holding onto the ottoman and she turned towards me. Then she took 4 steps towards me! She tripped on some toys, but it was so exciting! The rest of the day she took several steps as often as she could. Sometimes she would just drop down and other times she would trip on toys. A few times, she walked really fast and that speed made her fall. This is such a huge milestone and we are so proud of her. However- it means a whole new dimension in baby-proofing.
She also now has 4 teeth. Two on the bottom and two on the top. We can see two other teeth on the top trying to break through! Despite all the teething she is such a happy and loving little girl! We are so blessed.

P.S. She like Santa at first. The she looked at him really closely and started to cry. About 5 seconds after this photo was taken!