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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Month 6

Sadie will be 7 months tomorrow and boy oh boy has she been busy...
This morning Keith found her standing in her crib! Then this evening she pulled up numerous times on the ottoman from on her knees to standing.
Since turning 6 months old she...
-now has 2 teeth
-is crawling
-is taking swim lessons
-can pull herself up
-clearly says Dada in reference to Keith
- says baba to her pacifier and bottle
-is eating a wide variety of veggies, fruit, and meats
-is sleeping in her own room (all night)

What a huge milestone month! We just cannot believe how fast she is growing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

She's Almost There

On Friday morning, I found Sadie sitting up in her crib. Ever since then he has been busy practicing her new skill. She is also getting so close to crawling. Keith cleaned the carpet yesterday, so we would feel better about her being on the carpet.

Below is a video from April and then a video from yesterday! You can see how she is really growing and changing.

And Yesterday

Friday, August 14, 2009

See How She Grows

I've been going through pictures trying to narrow Sadie's first 6 months down to 200 pictures since the album I bought holds 200 pictures. In going through all of her pictures it is amazing to see how tiny she was and how much she has grown. Here is a sample:

A few hours old. In the NICU- She weighed 9 lbs 2.2 oz and was the biggest baby in the NICU.

2 days old- in the hospital room with me.

Sadie's first Sunday Dinner at my parents house on 2-1-09

Hanging out by her first piece of mail. A Valentines Day card from her Great Grandparents.

Easter 4-12-09

Sleeping 4-18-09
Sitting in Bumbo chair. 5-3-09
Sitting Pretty 5-31-09

Father's Day - Going Swimming